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Win 2 VIP Tickets to the WTCC!

Posted on Friday, March 9, 2012 - 3 comments

Being the first is in our it in yours?

Valvoline gives away 2 unique prizes, to the winners of the Valvoline WTCC Challenge game. 2 VIP tickets to the WTCC races of Budapest (Hungary) and 2 VIP tickets to Algarve Circuit (Portugal). The tickets come with hotel and flight included and will give you an exclusive insight into the WTCC races, you will walk in the pitlane, get access to the VIP grandstands to view the races, access to the Valvoline VIP hospitality suite, lunch, meet the drivers, take your picture with one of our grid girl, maybe you will even drive our Seat Leon VIP car and much much more.

What do you need to do to win this awesome prize?

Be, the number one on the first 3 races in the Valvoline Challenge Game (Italy, Spain, Marocco). The number 1 will get 100 points, number 2 will get 90, number 3 will get 80 etc. After the race in Marocco we will count the scores and publish the winner on April 20th. That winner will win 2 tickets to Hungary and join us at the race track.

Didn't win to go to Hungary? Don't worry, there is another opportunity to win this amazing experience!

On may 21st we will draw another winner, who is number one on average over the three tracks: Morocco, Hungary and Austria. That winner will win 2 VIP tickets to the WTCC race in Portugal! (you can only win once, so the winner of Hungary, cannot win Portugal as well)

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines: Race and WIN!
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Or play via by clicking here

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robert pálok I love love the Valvoline brand wtcc ét.olyan question is whether it would be the Hungarian mod wtcc race of five free VIP tickets to ask themselves? please respond to the greetings of friends: robert palo hungary Mohora Petőfi street address of 2698 10 Report abuseMarch 29 2012 18:25
tonin shmilli loje e bukur Report abuseApril 20 2012 16:26
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