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Monza, March 24th, 2013 – Racing driver Tom Coronel had different expectations from the start of the ninth season of the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). At a rain-soaked track of Monza in Italy, the 40-year old Dutch driver scored a ninth and an eleventh place after he only had achieved a 14th place on the starting grid for both races in qualifying with his BMW 320 TC of the Italian ROAL Motorsport team. In the 2013 World Championship standings, Tom Coronel is currently twelfth with two points.

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The season opening for the Valvoline PUZ drifting team

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Claus Christensen is a Danish race driver sponsored by Valvoline and drives a very fast Aquila CR1 LS7. It is fitted with a 7L V8 Chevrolet engine producing 550HP on a total weight of the car of only 900kilo!! It does 0-100km/u in only 2.9 seconds! Wanna see what that looks like? Have look at the movie

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Onboard with Anders Grondal in the Tegee-Dan rally in Norway 2012. Co-driver Veronica Egan.

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Besides the rubber burning BMW drifting cars the PUZ drifting team, from Poland, also has some amazing RC drifting BMW's. Exact scale models of the real drifting cars that even have their own Valvoline Service Center and service truck :). Have a look at these cool photos.

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