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Video on Valvoline made by Portuguese news about Valvoline at the WTCC that was recently held there

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Our Portuguese distributor Krautli has recently opened up alot of Valvoline Service Centers in Portugal. Download this PDF (in Portuguese) for a news article that was posted in the 296 edition of the Anecra magazine about the Valvoline Service Centers

Click here to download the article

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Veloso Amaral

octubre 20 2011 0 comentarios

Veleso Amaral, Portuguese Valvoline driver

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Sandro Peixe and Hugo Basaula motorcrossing in Portugal.

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Being the first is in our it in yours?

Valvoline gives away 2 unique prizes, to the winners of the Valvoline WTCC Challenge game. 2 VIP tickets to the WTCC races of Budapest (Hungary) and 2 VIP tickets to Algarve Circuit (Portugal). The tickets come with hotel and flight included and will give you an exclusive insight into the WTCC races, you will walk in the pitlane, get access to the VIP grandstands to view the races, access to the Valvoline VIP hospitality suite, lunch, meet the drivers, take your picture with one of our grid girl, maybe you will even drive our Seat Leon VIP car and much much more.

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