Product information

Proshine Wax

Valvoline Pro Shine Wax is a high quality product, based on water and natural waxes.
The product cleans and protects for a long duration and gives a quick polish.

Technical data

Colour : White / transparent
Solvents : Aliphatic hydrocarbons and water (emulsion). Does not contain any aromatic and chlorinated solvents
Propellants : Propane / Butane

Recommended application method

Shake can before use. Spray from 30 cm very thinly on the parts to be treated.
These parts have to be dry and clean. Let dry for a moment and polish with dry not-fluffing cloth until a protective layer and super shine finish has been reached.
ATTENTION! Do not spray on a hot car.

Safety information

Product is flammable. Never spray the product on a hot engine or any other hot object! Keep away from flares and flames.

This information only applies to products manufactured in the following location(s): Europe

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