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The Valvoline PUZ drift team in action at Kolobrzeg in round 4 of the Polish SSS drift cup.

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The Polish Valvoline PUZ drifting team in action

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The Valvoline PUZ Drift Team in action at Bemowo in Poland for the first round of the SSS Drift 2011 cup

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We are pleased to announce that BMW have confirmed the extension of the BMW Longlife-04 approval for our Valvoline™ product; ”SynPower™ MST”, SAE 5W-30 oil. With this confirmation the SynPower MST is allowed to keep the BMW approval on the label. The BMW approval is valid for a standard period of two years before the approval process starts again to gain this approval.

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Always wanted to be in the passenger seat of a BMW drifting over the track? Have a look at this video from the passenger seat

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"I would like to know where I can purchase..."

David Higgins on 06/04/2014

"Very beautiful photos."

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"does all synpower 5w-30 meet the mb229.51 spec? "

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"Girls ... you are fantastic i hope you will..."

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"very nice game "

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