Tectyl 3217E

Premium water based metal protector – Eliminates water spotting by acidic rain or hard water.

Tectyl 3217E has been specially designed for use as an environmental friendly protector of unfinished metal and industrial finishes. The dry film is tack free and prevents dust build up.
Tectyl 3217E is excellent for use on aluminum and galvanized surfaces as protector or/and as a primer.

Superior protection
Tectyl 3217E is an excellent preservative for the storage or transit protection of finished and unfinished automotive parts.

Tectyl 3217E is a water based product which gives a low amount of VOC.

Easy application
Due to the viscosity Tectyl 3217E is easy to apply and forms excellent film formation at suitable layer thickness for highest efficiency.

Fast drying
With a dry to touch time of 30-60 minutes and a cure time of 8 hours Tectyl 3217E is a fast drying protective coating.

Product namePack sizeMaterial number
Tectyl 3217E 400 ML 855601
PAIL 797171
DRUM 837058