Tectyl 121-LV

TECTYL 121 LV is a filled, solvent cutback wax/asphaltic base, thixotropic, corrosion preventive compound.
TECTYL 121 LV is suitable for the complete undercoating of undersides of autos, trucks, buses, truck trailers, camp trailers, heavy construction equipment and cargo containers.
TECTYL 121 LV is very suitable as a coating in industrial constructions of ovens and chimneys, where high temperatures and in between periods under the dew point can occur.
TECTYL 121 LV dries to a firm, black, resilient, tough and abrasion resistant film.

Product namePack sizeMaterial number
Tectyl 121-V PAIL 801347
DRUM VE20525
Bulk VE20528