The Valvoline range of greases includes products specially designed for use in automotive, heavy-duty, marine and industrial equipment. Developed using the highest quality base stocks and the latest additive technology, Valvoline greases provide superior lubrication properties. Unique mixed-complex soap structures are used in Sienna grease and dipperstick grease, to provide the ultimate protection against wear and corrosion, even under the most severe conditions. bearing.jpg


The performance, life and reliability of your vehicle is very sensitive to the quality of the lubricants chosen. Grease has a vital part to play in offering protection that can keep your vehicles operating efficiently. The Valvoline range consists of automotive greases that cover virtually all kinds of applications on your vehicle / machine. Most of the parts that you need to lubricate are hidden from sight. Unfortunately, these parts are the most likely to cause mechanical failure. Bearings with insufficient or unsuitable lubrication alone cause 37% of those failures.


Causes of Bearing Failures*


Grease performs the following functions:


Wear protection
Minimizing leakage
Oxidation resistance
Elastomer seals protection
Noise and vibration reduction
Corrosion protection (e.g. rust,copper)


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