Premium Bluetm Engine Oils

The technology behind Premium Blue engine oils was developed in partnership with Cummins Inc., the world’s largest producer of commercial diesel engines above 50 horsepower. By combining the innovation and proven performance of premium Valvoline lubricants with Cummins’ unparalleled expertise in diesel engines, we have taken engine design and lubricant technology to new performance levels. This partnership continues to create high-performance products such as Premium Blue engine oils, which are designed for extended engine life and increased protection in all heavy-duty diesel applications.

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Wear Protection
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Recommended and endorsed by Cummins for diesel engines

Field tested
The field test of Premium Blue CI-4 category oil, was conducted at 300.000-mile field test using Caterpillar C15/500 hp equipped trucks, with 65.000 miles oil drain. The study was designed to determine engine oil effects on wear, deposit control and oil consumption at extended oil drains. The summary of results:

1. Total test miles accumulated
2. No lubricant-related failures or engine problems developed during the program
3. Overall sludge deposits averaged 9.6 (CRC 10=clean merit scale)
4. Overall piston deposits rated 175. 200 demerits is a relative benchmark for field testing, depending on test conditions
5. No significant wear found, wear was minimal, with ratings of trace to light in nearly all categories
6. Wear on camshaft lobes, both valve and injector, was characterized as trace to light
7. Piston ring end gaps remained within manufacturers’ service specifications

EGR Engines
Most engine manufacturers including Cummins, Mack, Volvo and Detroit Diesel have indicated that they will use the cooled EGR technology to meet the 2004 emission standards. As in EGR technology, the exhaust gases directed back into the combustion chamber for second burning, the oil is submitted to intensive pollution by soot. Cummins M-11 EGR test measures an oil’s ability to minimize wear of sliding valve-train components at high soot levels. Engine sludge and filter plugging are also inspected. Premium Blue formulations have shown exceptional cross-head wear protection, engine cleanliness and reduced filter restrictions in the Cummins M-11 EGR test.