Gas engine oils

Engines fueled by liquid natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) being used in either mobile transportation applications or power generation stationary applications, require special lubricants. Both applications have different characteristics and require different engine oil technology. In the course of its 150 years existence Valvoline has developed unique and extensive technical expertise when it comes to designing superior performing gas engine oils and delivering tailored cost reduction programs to gas engine operators.

Gaseous fuels burn hotter, cleaner and dryer than diesel fuels, and as a result they can be extremely tough on inlet and exhaust valves. Gaseous fuels also vary significantly in quality and sulphur levels, especially when sour gas, bio gas or landfill gas is being used. In addition the fuel system of gas engines can have varied complexities depending on the application and fuel source.

Due to these variations gas engine oils must be tailored to meet the requirements of the manufacturer and specific application.

As being THE ONLY ONE™ endorsed and recommended by Cummins, Valvoline has the advantage of its unique global partnership with Cummins Power Generation and Cummins Westport. This enables Valvoline to be at the forefront on new gas engine technologies and jointly engineer and test the ultimate fluid for dedicated gas engine applications. Resulting in a strong and unique set of gas engine oils providing operators ultimate lubricant performance for maximized operational efficiency and engine reliability.