Valvoline ZEREX G48 Concentrate

Valvoline ZEREX G48® Concentrate is an official GLYSANTIN® based premium coolant suitable for passenger cars, light trucks and heavy-duty applications. The formulation is ethylene glycol-based and it is designed for all types of engines. It is a low-silicate, low pH, phosphate free technology based coolant that protects all cooling system metals, including aluminum, from corrosion.

Valvoline ZEREX G48® Concentrate protects engine components from winter freezing and summer boiling.

Product namePack sizeMaterial number
Valvoline ZEREX G48 Concentrate Bulk 873949
1000 L 873065
208 L 873064
60 L 884322
20 L 884324
5 L 873063
1 L 873062