First brand - first in innovation

Dr. John Ellis invented to the petroleum industry’s first brand in 1866
when he poured his cylinder oil into the stuck valves of a large
V-shaped steam engine, freeing the valves to move more easily.
Dr. Ellis would soon register the name Valvoline as the world’s first
trademarked lubricant brand. Today, ValvolineTM lubricants,
chemicals and car care products are manufactured, marketed and
sold in more than 140 countries by Ashland Consumer Markets,
Valvoline a commercial unit of Ashland Inc.

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Valvoline heritage

Valvoline was founded in 1866 and more than 100 years of history and over a 100 year of racing heritage. We've collected the most impressive milestones of our history for you in a dedicated Valvoline heritage page.

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